Monday, 31 December 2012

Wine Database 1.2 submitted to Apple

The long awaited 1.2 update has been submitted to apple. The fixes to the restrictions on wine names and the restrictions on values needing to be filled. It should take a week or so to be approved if apple doesn't give problems, so it should be in the stores by 8th tuesday.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Name change from Adysseus to StrikeSpark

After a year or so of using the name Adysseus for my company, I have decided to change the name of the company to StrikeSpark. Its easier to remember, easier to pronounce and sounds quick, agile and creative. Adysseus was orignally chosen because it was a combination of Ad and Odysseus(the Greek Hero from Homer's illad".

I will be changing the itunes app name to Strike Spark once i get the website set up sometime in January.

iPhone 5 , iPad 3 and iPad 4 updates for all apps

I have been in the process of updating every single application for adysseus/strikespark during the holidays. All updated trivia apps will be alive around the first few weeks of January. Stay tuned. Major overhaul of the applications graphical features.

Dinosaur and Phonic ABCs will be updated at a later time. I am looking to get a voice actor to say the lines in it. If you wish to volunteer your voice, email me at . I am looking for either a British or American type voice. There's about 50 lines of text in the app.

PopularTube has been incredibly overhauled. New UI, updates to everything basically. The old code had been retired by Google so the results were not recent.  PopularTube 2.0 has been submitted to Apple and should be ready by the first week of January 2013

I intend to keep updating PopularTube. Stay tuned for those updates.

Wine Database (Cellar Tracking Tool)

 Wine Database was released at the beginning of December and has been incredibly popular. Its safe to say this was a successful release. I hope that all of you enjoy the application. I have also received plenty of feedback from users all of which have been positive.

I would like to thank you all for providing feedback because I made the application for you people, the wine lovers.

Through some feedback I have realized that there are two technical issues.

1. The app will not allow you to post a wine name twice.
2. The app will not allow you to remove a value from a category.

These were originally design choices not bugs that were made during the initial coding phase which can be easily fixed. Do not worry in release 1.2 I will fix these problems.  Basically whatever you users want in the app or fixes and changes, I will make it happen if it is within the realm of possibility. So don't forget to give feedback through email or the itunes connect store.

Release 1.1 that will soon be approved by Apple will not have this fixes implemented. 1.2 should be released by the end of the first week of January.

 Release 1.3 will be a big graphical update for the application. I think you people will be happily surprised at what will be in store.

I am also working to improve the website.